Seahorse Breeders

Below is a list of seahorse breeders from around the world where you can buy captive bred seahorses. Some are hobbyists that do this part time and don’t always have seahorses in stock. Others are commercial breeders, some selling direct to customers, some to retailers and distributors. They will be noted next to each one.

The appearance of a breeder on this list do not constitute an endorsement. We suggest all buyers research the breeders they are interested in, and make sure they are getting true captive bred seahorses… 

Australia | Canada | France | GermanyIreland | Japan | Mexico | Portugal | SwitzerlandThailandTurkey | United Kingdom | United States



Seahorse Australia – commercial
Retail and Wholesale
International (CITES permit)
Captive Bred Seahorses: H. abdominalis, H. breviceps, H. whitei, H. barbouri and H. taeniopterus. They also sell wild caught seahorses, be sure to look at the description closely.



Seahorse Canada – commercial
Wholesale and Retail
H. erectus


France (République française)

aquarium race hippocampes

Ecurie Marine – commercial
00 33 2 31 08 00 67
Le Fresne Camilly
Calvados, France
“We have been breeding seahorses since 1992, breeding H. reidi since 1999.”
H. reidi


Germany (Deutschland)

Aquarium-Nachzuchten Seepferdchen

Hippozoo – commercial
H. reidi, H. barbouri, H. kuda, H. fuscus, H. erectus, H. comes, H. guttulatus, H. abdominalis, H. zosterae, H. angustus
They offer some wild caught, be sure to verify you are getting Captive Bred. Their pipefish appear to be wild caught.



Seahorse Aquariumscommercial
Seahorse breeder and fish shop. H. reidi and H. barbouri


Japan (日本)


Kaiba World – commercial
Some captive bred seahorses along side wild caught seahorses. Be sure to verify you’re getting captive bred seahorses.

Seahorse Ways – commercial
H. abdominalis, H. kuda. Also carries food for seahorses.


Mexico (México)

Caballitos de mar criados en cautividad

INGENS Cultivos Marinos – commercial
Wholesale Only, International (CITES permit)
H. ingens


Portugal (República Portuguesa)

Cavalos-marinhos criados em cativeiro

LusoReef – commercial
Hippocampus reidi



Ben Kimmich – hobbyist
Tägerschen, Switzerland
Seepferdchen in der Meerwasseraquaristik
H. abdominalis, H. barbouri, H. comes, H. erectus, H. fuscus, H. guttulatus, H. kuda, H. reidi, H. subelongatus, H. zosterae,  D. pessuliferus



Andy Sutton – hobbyist
Kamala, Phuket, Thailand
H. kuda



Esir Bred denizatı

H. barbouri H. kuda and H. reidi in small quantities. Sells wild caught as well, be sure to request captive bred seahorses.



Seahorse Breedercommercial
H. erectus, H. zosterae. More species listed but they do not appear to be for sale.

Mike Daly – hobbyist
Aberdeen, Scotland
H. erectus

Patrick Shoult – hobbyist
Newhaven, East Sussex, England
H. kuda



Ocean, Reefs and Aquarums – ORAcommercial
Wholesale Only
H. erectus, H. kuda, H. reidi
Contact your LFS to order.

Ocean Ridercommercial
H. abdominalis, H. erectus, H. ingens, H. reidi, and H. taeniopterus
Also, captive bred Banded Pipefish – Doryrhamphus dactylophorus

Sach’s Aquaculturecommercial
H. erectus – doesn’t always have them available, their primary business is aquaculturing organisms and food.

Seahorse Corral – commercial
Retail, International (CITES permit)
H. erectus and H. zosterae

Seahorse Sourcecommercial
Retail and Wholesale
H. barbouri, H. comes, H. erectus, H. ingens, H. kuda, and H. reidi and seahorse related supplies.

Southwatch Seahorse Farm – commercial
H. barbouri, H. erectus, and H. reidi

Shila Hammond – hobbyist
Oak Hill, Ohio
H. erectus & H. zosterae

Vince Campellone – hobbyist
Hampstead, NC.
H. erectus

Sam Morris – hobbyist
Nashville TN
H.abdominalis, H.erectus, H.reidi, H.zosterae and syngnathus floridae pipefish

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